Mr. Folxlide ball

True & blue loopin’ & stompin’ bar & bal folk. Roots Euroamericana. Cigar box, voice, looper and feet.

Blues is to America, what balfolk is to Europe. Throw them together, shake well and some magic is sure to happen!

Groove & grind

Mr. Folxlide will be bringing his blues-balfolk crossover to Venice this year. What better opportunity to spice up your dance with some blues moves? Learn how to get your groove on and step beyond the steps. Pulse, body rolls, hip rolls, grind – here we come!

Blues has evolved in a setting very similar to nowadays folk parties and festivals: crowded jook-joints with many people partying to music based on grooves and riffs. So there is more than a few things we can take from blues to our European folk dancing. We will try to cover as many as the time will allow for…